January 13, 2014
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Schenectady dental implantsIf you’ve decided to replace your missing teeth, you’re probably anxious to get started. We’re in the same boat – we want you to experience the joy of a newly whole smile as soon as possible. But with dental implants, there can be a few steps to take in the interim. In order to ensure that your implants succeed and the resulting smile stays with you for life, we may need to strengthen the area prior to placement. You’ll also want to talk to Dr. Scotto about your sedation options and just what the procedure will be like. Begin getting acquainted with the process by reading on for some pre-implant preparation tips!

Strengthening the Implant Site

  • Bone graft – If you’ve been missing the tooth/teeth in question for an extended period, the bone in the area may have resorbed. This will leave the spot unprepared for osseointegration (the natural bonding of the implant to the bone). A bone graft will add substance to the area so that the implant will be a success.
  • Periodontal treatment – Your mouth can be more likely to fall prey to periodontal disease when you’re missing teeth. If the treatment area is infected, we may provide a course of periodontal treatment to nurse it back to health.
  • Antibiotic treatment – Infections at the gum line could lead to implant failure. We may prescribe you antibiotics prior to implant placement.

Getting Ready for Implant Placement

You’ll want to be prepared for the big day so that you feel at ease during the procedure. Accomplish this by discussing the following with Dr. Scotto or our staff:

  1. Dental sedation – While anesthesia will be provided, anxious patients may also be interested in sedation. Talk about your options with our team.
  2. Steps of the procedure – You’ll feel better if you know exactly what will happen during implant placement. We’re happy to discuss the procedure in detail.

Please contact our office with any other implant-related inquiries. We hope to help you feel confident and comfortable with the process.


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