February 26, 2014
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Schenectady cosmetic dentistryPreparing to dive into the world of cosmetic dentistry? Dr. Scotto and his team look forward to helping you get started. But there are some preparatory steps you’ll need to undertake before visiting our office. It’s important to start getting acquainted with what it is that you’d like to change about your smile prior to treatment. This will allow you to have a more detailed, informed discussion with Dr. Scotto, and will help the process result in your ideal smile. Read on for a few pointers to consider before your cosmetic consultation.

3 Things To Consider Before Beginning Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about the final result. Considering what you’d like the process to be like will help ensure it’s comfortable and satisfying. A few of the following factors are important to consider:

  • Your commitment level – Commitment level means a few different things. When you receive dental treatment, you’re investing time and energy in the process. There will also be the cost to consider, as many dental insurances don’t cover cosmetic procedures. At the same time, the commitment level tends to correspond with the endurance of the work. The more involved the procedure, the longer your new smile will last.
  • Your comfort with treatment – If you have dental anxiety, you may be interested in less invasive cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening or dental bonding. If you decide on more involved treatment, we will provide you with anesthesia and sedation to make your procedure both painless and anxiety-free.
  • Desired results – What do you want your future smile to look like? Take some time to consider the smiles around you that you admire, as well as the things about your own smile that you find lacking. Look at photos of famous smiles, as well as the smiles belonging to your friends and family. Dr. Scotto will help you decide on which changes will look the best with your facial structure and your entire grin.

Changes Possible with A Schenectady Cosmetic Dentist

Remember that cosmetic dentistry can bring about varied, diverse transformations. The categories listed below are just some of the most common ways that patients want to alter their smiles. Find one that appeals to you to see the corresponding treatment:

Stronger Teeth

Schenectady cosmetic dentistThis is both a functional and an aesthetic change. Teeth with worn enamel will look older and can be yellow, as the dentin beneath the enamel shows through. Damaged teeth may have visible cracks or chips, and should be repaired to ensure the teeth have long lives ahead. You’re likely experiencing sensitivity when you eat/drink hot or cold foods/beverages. Strengthening the tooth in question will change your dental comfort and the appearance of your smile. If the weakened tooth is a front tooth, a porcelain veneer will be the best bet. If it bears stronger forces, a porcelain crown will get the job done.

Straighter Teeth

Spent years wishing your smile were a bit straighter? There are options in front of you. If your malocclusion is mild and limited to your front teeth, porcelain veneers could actually straighten them. Dr. Scotto will prepare your teeth and then fit veneers over them. Once the veneers are bonded in place, you’ll possess a straighter smile.

Longer Teeth

The forces of time can wear away your enamel and shorten your teeth. Chronic grinding speeds up this unfortunate effect. And when your teeth are lacking in length, they age your entire face. Seeking a quick fix? Dental bonding will add structure. For a more durable option, choose porcelain veneers.

Brighter Teeth

A dull smile limits you in many ways. When you posses bright teeth, your smile stands out and you feel more comfortable in social and professional situations. A whiter, more noticeable smile is only one appointment away. In-office teeth whitening will produce dramatic results. If you’re too busy for an office visit, you’re also able to whiten at home.

Has this post inspired you to make a change? Contact Dr. Robert Scotto’s office to get started.

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