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November 25, 2013
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We spend quite a bit of time on this blog talking about how wonderful dental implants are. And tooth root replacements definitely deserve that hype. While dental implants replace missing teeth to rebuild your smile and restore your abilities, they also have myriad health benefits. Once your implants are in place, your oral and even systemic health will be supported for many years to come. Read on to learn more about how implants aid your mouth, bones, and facial structure.

Tooth Implants’ Effects on Your Health

Implants are titanium posts that sit in your jawbone. Over time, they connect with your bone to form naturally secure foundations for dental restorations. By replacing missing teeth and connecting restorations to your jawbones, you enjoy a number of corresponding health benefits. Dental implants:

  1. Preserve facial structure – Losing teeth and losing bone density leads to your facial structure changing. Your face may begin to sag, your lips to look less full, and your appearance to gradually become altered. Implants will help you maintain a youthful, strong facial structure.
  2. Maintain your bone density – Without a tooth root supporting an area of your jawbone, the bone will begin to resorb. It will dissolve and weaken the area. Dental implants will keep that bone strong and whole.
  3. Improve oral and periodontal health – When there are spaces in your smile, bacteria are able to take hold. This leads to a higher chance of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Bacteria can also enter your bloodstream through infection in these gaps, potentially causing disease in other areas of the body. Implants and restorations close those spaces to return your smile to wholeness.
  4. Keep your teeth from shifting – When your teeth shift, your bite can change. This often leads to serious problems with your occlusion. Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws can aggravate your TMJ, leading to a jaw disorder. Implants will keep your teeth from shifting and maintain a healthy bite.

Beginning the Implant Process

In order to determine whether implants are right for your missing teeth, simply contact our Schenectady team!

November 19, 2013
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It’s true that TMJ treatment will return your jaw joint to normal. But what does “normal” mean, exactly? In this case, it means it will be functioning properly, working without pain, and supporting every jaw movement you make. For patients who have been struggling with TMJ pain for many years, normal jaw function may be something they’ve forgotten! We look forward to bringing relief and improving your jaw function with Schenectady TMJ treatment.

What is TMJ Treatment?

Your TMJ is your temporomandibular joint. It connects your lower jaw to your skull, and allows you to bite, chew, speak, and accomplish other tasks vital to daily life. Located just in front of your ears on both sides of your face, your jaw joints are an incredibly important part of your facial structure. Unfortunately, their delicate structures make them prone to malfunction.

When your TMJ isn’t working properly, you will experience any number of symptoms. These may include

  • Swollen jaw
  • Tender teeth
  • Painful jaw
  • Headaches or facial pain
  • Earaches
  • Pressure at the jaw
  • Clicking or grating sounds coming from the jaw
  • A fatigued-feeling jaw

None of these are things you should have to deal with on a daily basis. TMJ treatment will soothe the discomfort associated with a TMJ disorder and return your jaw to health. Our Schenectady practice offers several types of treatment to accommodate different levels of TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ Treatment Options

  1. Botox treatment – Botox tames the muscles at the jaw joint to allow the jaw to relax. Your jaw often clenches while you’re sleeping or otherwise unaware. Botox will keep it calm so that the area is able to heal.
  2. TMJ splints – These mouth guards restrict your jaw movement so that the jaw can’t behave in damaging ways. They are worn nightly to prevent clenching and grinding, and retrain the jaw’s position.

If neither of those treatments bring you respite, we will work with you to find another path. Get in touch with our practice right away if your TMJ is misbehaving.

November 11, 2013
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The holiday season can be a brutally busy time. You’re planning events, shopping for gifts, preparing elaborate meals, and welcoming family and friends into your home. Throughout these winter months, you’re also trying to put your best face forward. Even with all the craziness and activities, you want to look great in special photos and while spending time with folks you haven’t seen since the last holiday season.

It can be tough to find time to put into your appearance when you’re scrambling to get all this extra work done. The best step to take is to give some aspects a boost prior to the season’s start. Whitening your smile is a simple but incredibly effective way to brighten and enhance your face and your presence.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are different routes you can take when whitening your teeth; with the holiday season approaching at a fast clip, our Schenectady staff recommends in-office whitening. Only professional whitening will whiten your teeth by several shades in a single day. During in-office whitening, we will apply hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and allow it to take effect. Your teeth will be whiter by the time you leave our office, and the results will last for months to come.

Maintaining Whitening Results

You’ll be able to perform whitening upkeep with a home whitening kit. We will provide you with a product recommendation, as well as custom whitening trays. These trays will be made to fit your teeth so that you are able to whiten comfortably. There are other steps you can take to ensure that your whitening results last, including:

  • Avoid staining liquids
  • Rinse with water after eating or drinking dark foods/liquids
  • Brush and floss properly and frequently to remove external stains
  • Don’t smoke or use other types of tobacco

With teeth whitening, you’ll sail through the holiday season with a gorgeous smile and a great attitude. Get in touch with our Schenectady practice to learn more or schedule a whitening appointment!

November 04, 2013
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As November kicks off to a start, we’re diving headfirst into the holiday season. As we feast, party, and spend time with our loved ones, there are whole new opportunities for our teeth to come under fire. The extra snacking and sweets can lead to not only to cavities, but also to chipped teeth. During the holidays, patients are more likely to use their teeth as tools. Whether opening a present, cracking a nut, or opening a bottle, there’s a chance that the activity could lead to a chipped or broken tooth. If you suddenly find your tooth is missing a piece, don’t panic – Dr. Scotto and our Schenectady team are ready to tackle your dental dilemma.

Chipped Tooth Treatment

There are different levels of dental damage. But even if you feel that your situation isn’t extreme, there could be hidden, harmful aspects accompanying your chipped tooth. No matter the case, get in touch with our office right away so that we can evaluate your teeth.

Depending on your chip or break, we’ll recommend one of the following treatments.

  • Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are strong, v-shaped restorations that create a new, external tooth layer. Veneers aren’t always necessary for chipped teeth, but can be a very effective way to create new structure where it’s lacking. Porcelain veneers will last for many years, and look like a natural part of your smile.
  • Dental Bonding – Bonding applies dental resin to a tooth to add structure. The resin is tooth-colored and indistinguishable from your other teeth. Bonding is also direct, meaning it can be done chairside, during a single appointment. You’ll be back to celebrating in no time! Composite bonding is right for minor chips.
  • Dental Crowns – If your tooth has suffered more significant damage, we’ll recommend a dental crown. This is the most thorough way to add security and structure to a broken tooth. We’ll provide you with temporary crowns while you wait for the permanent crowns to be made, so you won’t spend any longer with a compromised smile.

Dealing with a Dental Emergency

If you’re in pain or your teeth have been damaged, contact us right away! We will help you get back on track, and back to your holiday activities.

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